How To Find Out Which MacBook You Have

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Finding your MacBook model

If you're not sure which MacBook model you have, there are a few ways to find out. First, check the "About This Mac" section in your System Preferences. Second, if you have the physical device, look for a model number on the bottom of your MacBook. And third, you can use Apple's online support site to help you identify your model.

How to identify my MacBook Model?

How to identify my MacBook Model?

Identifying if you have a MacBook Air or Pro

If you're not sure which MacBook you have, there are a few ways to tell. OneΒ way to tell is by looking at the screen size. MacBook Airs have smaller screens, typically 11 or 13 inches. MacBook Pros have larger screens, typically 15 or 17 inches.

Finally, you can tell by looking at the price tag. MacBook Airs are typically less expensive than MacBook Pros.

Checking the running speed

One way to check which MacBook you have is to look at the running speed. If your MacBook is running slowly, it's likely an older model. The newer models are much faster, so if speed is important to you, you'll want to get one of those.

Identifying your hard drive size

When it comes to MacBooks, there are a few different hard drive sizes that you might encounter. The first and most common size is the 2.5-inch drive, which is typically used in laptops. The next size up is the 3.5-inch drive, which is typically found in desktop computers. Lastly, there is the SSD (solid state drive), which is becoming increasingly popular in both laptops and desktops.

To find out which MacBook you have, simply look at the bottom of your computer for the hard drive size. If it says "2.5-inch" or "3.5-inch", then you have a traditional hard drive. If it says "SSD", then you have a solid state drive.

How to find out more about your MacBook

If you have a MacBook, chances are you're curious about which model you have. After all, there are so many different types of MacBooks out there! Luckily, finding out which MacBook you have is relatively simple and only requires a few steps.

To begin, open up your MacBook and locate the "About This Mac" section. Click on this tab and a new window will pop up with your MacBook's information. At the top of this window, you should see your MacBook's model name and number. If you're still not sure which MacBook you have, simply compare the model name and number to the ones listed on Apple's website.

Once you know which MacBook you have, take some time to explore all of its features! And if you ever have any questions about your MacBook, be sure to check out the blog section on Apple's website for more helpful tips and tricks.